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What is a Nature Playscape? 

A Nature Playscape embodies the qualities and essence of
the natural world that we experience out in wild places.

Embedded into a Nature Playscape are suggestions for play – the child's portal to learning. Opportunities are abundant for the children to exercise their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

The ingredients, taonga, or gifts of Nature are selected and enhanced for their intrinsic feel to support the childs fundamental need to connect with the living world, the world which sustains them, enabling the child to experience the beauty of nature as much as the security which it provides.

A Nature Playscape provides opportunities for the child to establish a relationship of reverence

and respect with life through engaging with the magic of the plant and animal kingdoms.

A Nature Playscape is a living place, one that allows the child to play freely, to feel the earth beneath their feet and under their fingernails. We intelligently select the native plants of our land of Aotearoa as much as the wonders of the edible plant kingdom to provide the ultimate environment for a childs wellbeing to be supported.

Nature Playscapes provide the ultimate play based learning environment.
A place for the learner to make sense of their world. 

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A Nature Playscape design invokes the child's imagination to seek and find, inspire them to look further and deeper, to experience the magical connections and qualities of life.

A Nature Playscape is a place to discover and develop all of our senses as nature intended.

A Nature Playscape encourages the child to play in a respectful and harmonious relationship with nature, stimulating sustainable behaviour, whilst experiencing the natural rhythms and cycles of life.

A Nature Playscape honours the role of play in the unfolding development of the child.

A Nature Playscape - a place where the relationship of Kaitiakitanga (guardianship) is upheld between child and earth.

A Nature Playscape - place for a child born of wisdom to find their sense of belonging to the earth.

Our philosophy is grounded in permaculture design principles. This supports the childs development of sustainable behaviour for a sustainable world.

At a time when the
challenges and stressors our children face are unprecedented to any previous times on earth, our children need to grow and
evolve the necessary skills and understandings to navigate these times with confidence
and wisdom. 

"Nature Playscapes
work to establish environments
that enable the child through play
to create right relationship with
the earth, enabling them to access her wisdom, whilst developing the knowledge and skills that assist them
to be an ‘earthling’.
Environments rich in beauty, in the living world, a feast for the senses and the imagination, exciting the need for growth and learning through discovery and exploration.”

Why Choose NaturePlayscapes?

Childhood today is a vastly different reality to what childhood has been in the past. In the past regular access to the wilds and the outdoors sustained wellbeing and provided a place for learning and growth on all levels.

21st century children are spending daily, increasingly larger and disproportionate amounts of time in 'restrictive' environments often consumed by technology advancements.

Many children are faced with increased indoor time due to our current educational strategies, our relationship to learning and provisions for space.

Worldwide parenting and educational practices are being challenged so that they do not continue to create the conditions for the "over protected and under connected child” syndrome in a risk adverse world.

When children do get to ‘play outside’ play environments have often become exclusively focused on the physical development of the child and are limited in the ways they nourish and uphold the development of the imagination, the sensory capacities of the child, and the souls need to experience beauty.

Nature Playscapes
Unlock Magical Spaces for Learning!
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Our Vision
At Nature Playscapes, we embrace the organic flow of nature—where there are no straight lines. Each design we create is a unique reflection of the natural world and the community it serves. Our commitment to children and the planet is woven into every Nature Playscape.
Our experienced team wears many hats: educators, landscape designers, outdoor risk management advisors, builders, permaculture planners, parents, and nature enthusiasts. Together, we collaborate with you to bring your vision to life.
We thrive on creative problem-solving, continuously generating innovative concepts that invite children to explore the beauty of the sustaining world through play. Our designs carefully integrate systems and approaches that honor the earth's natural cycles and rhythms, sowing the seeds for sustainable living.
Our hand-drawn design work combines the elegance of fine art with affordability. The final concept plan becomes a cherished treasure, holding the vision of your project.

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