Nature Playscapes

Design Services

Design Services

In nature there are no straight lines, so we reflect this in our methodology. Each design we create is a unique representation of the natural world and the community it is to serve.


Our understanding in the development of the whole child, and commitment to the children and the planet is woven into the design solutions in each Nature Playscape.


A comprehensive design process ensures well considered ideas are possible, affordable, and able to be achieved within the scope of the project.


Our team brings lifetimes of experience to ensure your design is considered through many lenses. Our roles as educators, landscape designers, outdoor risk management advisors, builders, permaculture planners, parents and nature lovers assist us to work with you to achieve your vision.


Our designers provide creative solutions to problematical places, and the ability to continuously come up with innovative concepts to present the child opportunity to explore through play the beauty of the world which sustains them.


Through careful consideration we work to establish an environment which has embedded in it systems and approaches which will generate behaviours which honour and uphold the earths natural cycles and rhythms. Incorporating sustainability concepts sows the seed for a future of sustainable living.


Our design work is hand drawn upholding the beauty of fine art at affordable prices. A final concept plan is a real treasure to hold the vision of your project.

"Nature Playscapes create pathways to establish connection, and encourage engagement with the living world - providing the child with opportunities to develop an association with the web of life.”
Anna Gentry – Nature Play NZ

"Unlike oil and water,‘Nature and children mix very well together, When a child and nature play together they merge into one, the child disappears into the imaginative potential of life as much as they can disappear for hours into the forest or garden they a playing within.”
Anna Gentry – NaturePlay NZ