Nature Playscapes

Construction Services

"Nature Playscapes are where the elements of life are enriched and interacted with through all our senses. Eat it, Touch it, Feel it, Smell it, Listen to it, See it, Know it, Understand it.”
Anna Gentry – Nature Play NZ

"Children deserve places of play and learning which invokes a sense of wonder, a sense of curiosity, connection and discovery. A play place alive with the magic of the natural world, a world that excites the senses in a healthy way. A living World. From this place the child’s innate learning flourishes and development to their full potential can occur.”
Anna Gentry – NaturePlay NZ

Construction Services

Our team of craftsmen are gifted at working with natural materials to produce outstanding natural play spaces for children.


Our specialised team is a collection of skilled and innovative tradesmen including qualified builders, landscapers, a certified playground auditor, and down to earth natural builders, who each complement one another.


The total wellbeing of the child is the foundation of our work. We uphold this by creating non-toxic environments, using natural materials and accentuating the living nature, the tress, herbs, fruits and flowers of Natures treasure chest.


The materials we choose to work with, wherever possible are sourced locally, in a sustainable and respectful manner.


Attention to detail and quality of finish are important to us, to ensure our Nature Playscapes are safe for the child to explore freely.


We recognize that windows of opportunity to construct are sometimes limited, thus we are flexible and adapt to your unique needs. Our project management skills work to minimize disruption to your routines and complete projects with tight time frames. 


With over 10 years specialising in the creation of  Early Childhood Education and School Playground construction in New Zealand we have a sound understanding for the safety specifications required to ensure your playground meets best practise.


Our construction services are currently available in the Wider Auckland and Northland Regions of New Zealand.


Our Project Management services are available throughout New Zealand and are offered when our designs are in regions beyond our construction services.


Contact us to discuss your needs.